I was born in Turriff, Aberdeenshire Scotland and was raised by my grandparents until I was 11. Alas, my grandfather was an alcoholic and my grandmother had to work three jobs to support us. She was a strong Christian in the Church of Scotland and later moved to the Lutheran Church in America.

At the age of 11, I was sent by the Scottish courts to Pennsylvania to live with my birth mother and her husband for six months so they could get more welfare money. This was the worst six months of my life as I was abused by my mother, her husband, and his friend. After that, until I was a senior in high school, I spent my teen years in and out of foster and group homes. As a senior, I inexplicably moved back in with my mother.

I joined the U. S. Air Force in July, 1981 and on July 9, 1990 I was blessed to have my first date with Serene Simplicity McLenan who I am so thankful to say became my wife on February 14, 1992. In January, 1992 I had accepted Christ as my Savior and Lord through repentance and confession of my sins. He saved me by his grace through the faith He gave me. One week after Serene and I were married I was baptized at Hope Chapel in Hermosa Beach, California. This became our home church. And, when I became a Christian I finally could forgive my abusers.

While we were still living in Southern California I surrendered to God’s call on my life to preach. We moved to Italy for two years (August, 1996 to August, 1998) and were blessed with other Christians to start a church at the Ghedi Air Base in Italy. I was able to preach once a month and start a home Bible study. Now, both Serene and I work as civilian employees on a base here in the states.

On Sunday, May 29, 2007 I was blessed to become a licensed minister through Declare The Word International. In May 2009, I was blessed to become an ordained minister through Declare The Word International.My spiritual gifts are utilized through preaching and teaching the Word of God, prayer, praise and worship, writing devotionals, and tongues. Praise be to God, I am also growing in the gift of discerning of spirits.

Serene and I are proud “parents” of Bella, a red female tabby cat and Caledonia a black and gray male cat. My primary hobbies are reading and studying the 1599 Geneva Bible and reading church history, especially The Scottish Covenanters which include many of my kin. Please contact┬áme for any of your prayer requests.