Annual Labor Day Message

Dear Listener: Tomorrow in America is Labor Day! All Christians are to be
workers for Lord. Listen as the Highlander’s Heart encourages us that our
labor for the Lord is not in vain!

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Annual Independance Day Message

Dear Listener: Listen as The Highlander’s Heart shares 3 freedoms we have
in America in his annual Independence Day Message!

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Overcoming Temptation

Are you having a hard time dealing with temptation in your life? Where do you go for help? How do you overcome temptation-listen as the Highlander’s Heart returns from a long and unexpected hiatus to share where and how to overcome temptation!

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Praise & Worship Specials

The Highlander’s Heart returns from its hiatus with an all new Praise and Worship Special. So you if you need some encouragement or just want to keep on being encouraged, listen and read the Bible and sing along with 2 Worship Songs and a grand ole Hymn of The Faith!

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Walking with God

Have you ever heard about the Old Testament saint named Enoch? He walked with God. Listen in as The Highlander’s Heart encourages us to walk with God!

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